A modern creative agency with a dedicated and forward-thinking team, 5th House is here to understand your brand and to tell your story in the ways that matter right now. Fresh and dynamic, with an emphasis on brand building with longevity, we have a proven track record of launching international fashion brands into the UK market. No matter the starting point or end goal, we can elevate your brand and amplify your message. Our beautiful central London showroom houses collections from major catwalk brands and exciting startups alike, and is a creative meeting place for the stylists, influencers and opinion formers who can help propel your brand forward. 




Honesty and humour are the watchwords of Sophia Greene, who established her own agency in 2010 drawing on her experience working with diverse fashion and lifestyle brands of all sizes. Now with more than a decade of experience and a vast and interwoven network of contacts, Sophia has successfully launched a wealth of international contemporary brands into the UK. A talent for creativity balanced with logic helps Sophia and her growing team to create strategies that wow but also work, leading to successes that belie the company's relative youth. Sophia enlists team members with charisma, intelligence and perseverance; who relish every challenge with a smile; and who work for their clients, and each other, far beyond what is required